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Gianluca Liva

Radar Magazine
Science Journalist
I'm a science journalist and historian. I deal with current affairs, environmental impact and policies, history of science. I collaborated with VICE Media Group, European Science Media Hub (ESMH), International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), Le Scienze (Scientific American), Pagella Politica, Gehirn und Geist - Spektrum der Wissenschaft, OggiScienza, Cerveau & Psycho. I am one of the founders of Radar Magazine, a collective of Italian journalists and photographers committed to documenting particular environmental situations. In recent years I have been focusing on journalistic reporting on situations of environmental degradation. I am interested in the recovery processes of industrial sites or disused refineries, the waste cycle, "eco-mafias," the use of certain substances in agriculture, investments in the energy sector. If you would like to chat, talk, work on investigative-environmental issues, give me a shout!

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